Repair and Service Guides

The aim of these Repair and Service Guides is to give you guideline instructions and schematics for the range of preventative and corrective maintenance you need to perform on your EZ GO Golf Cart. EZGO carts are simple vehicles with basic replacement parts. The maintenance suggested is easy to carry out and can be done with anyone who is experienced in repairing and maintaining vehicles. Therefore we hope these EZGO Repair and Service guidelines gives you the confidence and assistance to repair your carts hopefully saving you time and money.


Daily Routine

SI.NoComponentService Description
2Reverse Warning DeviceCheck operation and replace lights/alarm as necessary
3TiresCheck for damage, treath depth(wear) and tire pressure
4Fuel GaugeCheck operation and clean as required
5Engine OilCheck and refill as required
6Starter Motor BeltCheck for wear and cracks. Ensure correct tension

Monthly Routine (20 hourly)

SI.NoComponentService Description
1BatteryClean battery terminals with baking soda solution of water. Check charge condition and connections are tight.
2WiringCheck for loose / broken connections and degradation of insulation
3AcceleratorCheck for fluid movement
4Service BrakeCheck brakes operate correctly and adjust as required
5Parking BrakeCheck brakes operate correctly and adjust as required
6Choke CableCheck for fluid movement and adjustment
7Carburetor LinkageCheck and adjust as necessary
8Direction SelectorCheck and adjust as necessary
9EngineListen for changes in noise, vibration, hunting and oil leaks
10Cooling FanCheck for build up of dirt and debris, clean as required
11Steering AssemblyLook for too much play or if too stiff
12Rear AxleInspect for oil leakage. Replace with SAE 30 as needed

Quarterly Routine (60 hourly)

SI.NoComponentService Description
1Front AxleLook for damage, loose or missing fittings
2Front Shock AbsorbersCheck for oil leaks and loose fittings
3Front SpringsInspect for loose fittings and cracks at footings
4Front Wheel AlignmentInspect tires for wear and align wheels as needed
5Parking BrakeCheck for damaged linkage rod, wear to latch arm or catch braket and apply light lubrication oil
6Rear Shock AbsorbersCheck for oil leaks and loose fittings
7Engine Electrical SystemInspect coil and spark plugs for loose or deteriorated wires and connections
8Fuel SystemInspect fuel tank, cap, lines, filter, pump and carburetor for leaks. Replace any worn or damaged components
9Throttle/Governor LinkageCarry out operation checks and examine governed speed

Semi-Annual Routine (125 hourly)

SI.NoComponentService Description
1Rear AxleLook for damage, unusal noise and loose or missing fittings
2Direction SelectorInspect for wear and fluid movement, lubricate as required. Examine shift cable spring length
3King PinsInspect for too much play or overtightness of retaining nuts. Lubricate pins with wheel bearing grease
4Steering AssemblyInspect bellows for holes and pinion seal condition for grease leakage. Replace as needed
5Air CleanerReplace air cleaner
6Oil FilterEither Clean filter in a solvent or replace with new. Always replace 'O'rings.
7Engine OilReplaced with a SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40 grade oil.

Annual Routine (250 hourly)

SI.NoComponentService Description
1Front Wheel BearingsAdjust in accordance with wheels service guidelines below. Pack with wheel bearing grease.
2Rear AxleAdd lubricant (SAE 30) as required
3BrakesClean and adjust in accordance with breaks service guidelines below. Inspect brake shoe linings
4Fuel FilterReplace
5Spark PlugsReplace and gap plugs to 0.028-0.03 in. (0.71-0.76mm)
6Muffler/ExhaustCheck gaskets for leaks and ensure all fastenings are tight
7ValvesCheck valves as per engine service guidelines below

500 Hourly Routine

SI.NoComponentService Description
1Timing BeltCheck tension for signs of wear and damage. Replace if found
2CarburetorClean in accordance with engine service guideliens below
3Cylinder Head and PistonsRemove carbon buildup. Check valve seats for carbon build up.


Body and Chassis

Wheels and Tires

Front Suspension and Steering

Speed Control Cables

Engine, Fuel System and Power Train

Brake System

Rear Axle and Suspension

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)