EZGO golf cart faulty park brake

Hello Everybody,

I have bought an EZGO golf cart one year ago. Everything was going good but now from last few days, it becomes very difficult for me to engage the park brake. Someone, please tell me the reason behind it.

Looking for the suggestions and help


According to the shared information, I have concluded that you are facing this issue due to the following reasons

  • Adjustment to tight bring about not sufficient play, If this is a case, it is advised to adjust control fluid travel directly at circular nut while ensuring that actuators of wheel brake are returning properly
  • Loose or seized brake cable. For rectifying this issue, you have to examine the brake control return confirming they return at equal rates. Moreover, adjust brake wires if not.
  • For dragging, shoes examine wheel brakes

EZGO golf cart too much vibration

My EZGO golf cart is vibrating a lot from last two days. I do not know what I should do as I have tried to fix it but no success. Has someone faced this issue if yes, and then please share your kind views? I shall be very thankful to you



Well, it is very common in EZGO golf cart. Some possible reasons behind this are as follows:

  • Worn steering parts
  • Lug nuts are loose
  • Loose wheel bearings
  • Brake drums, wheels, and tires have lost the roundness

You can fix them by doing the following things:

  • Replace worn steering parts
  • Replace or adjust the loose wheel bearings
  • Check & replace the components who have lost the roundness
  • If lug nuts are loose then, turn to 50-80 feet

EZGO golf cart poor performance

Hi Guys,

My EZGO golf cart is giving a poor performance whenever I want to run at a high speed. I have checked the different parts of the golf cart but unable to locate the problematic area. That is why I am here to get help.



Hi Harry, your EZGO golf cart is having this problem due to multiple reasons such as:

  • The gas pump is faulty if it so replace the pump
  • Choked master jet air passage or master jet. In this case, clean the jet & passages
  • If ┬áthe gas filter is chocked, replace the filter
  • If you suspect contaminated hoses and gas tank then, you have to clean the hoses and tank
  • If there is an incorrect level of the gas in a float bowl then adjust the float.

EZGO Golf Cart faulty key switch


Someone here please help as my three years old EZGO golf cart is not starting. After checking the different components of the cart, I have concluded that the key switch is faulty. What should I do?

Thanks a lot


Yes, Chase you are right as extreme use of a key switch will ultimately wear it out thus, it is important to check it regularly particularly if you have a tough time while starting the golf cart. Moreover, check for loose cords or any damaged pieces. Apart from this, look at the reverse and forward switch, as it is also susceptible to wear out after the long-term use. It is a simple fix, replacing a reverse/forward switch is usually a quick and inexpensive repair but it is better to contact a skilled EZGO golf cart.

EZGO Golf cart grinding sound issue

Hi Folks,

I own an EZGO golf cart. It worked well but now, it has the grinding sound particularly in a rear end whenever I take the foot off from the pedal. This annoying appears to be with each revolution of a rear wheel. However, it is not very loud & just occurs while coasting. What might be a problem?

Looking for the suggestions


Hi Richard, your problem is most likely be due to the poor wheel bearing. It is important to note that the bearing will always make that grinding sound at times when not under extreme load & just coast. You have to check the wheel bearings and return to us if feel that the grinding sound is still there.

EZGO golf cart charger issue

Hello Everyone,

I have an EZGO electric golf cart with me for last three years. Whenever I plugin its charger nothing happens. I would like to share that I have changed the batteries recently. Moreover, all the connections are also new. The Golf cart is running well but the charge is getting extremely low & it does not charge. Likewise, an electric opening is okay; I checked & confirmed that first. So, I might be a charger. For my satisfaction, I have used another charger but no luck. Somebody, please help me, as I am quite confused.

Thank you so much


Hi William, do not worry just check for the trip up circuit breaker generally, at aligned with a positive cable of the golf cart battery. Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.

EZGO Golf Cart not moving forward

Hello Guys,

My newly bought EZGO golf cart is not moving forward. Whenever I try to move ahead of the golf cart just go in reverse gradually. I put the golf cart in reverse & that goes well. I would really appreciate if someone guides me

Thanks in Advance


Hi Bill,

After analyzing your problem, I have concluded that the batteries of the golf cart have died. Well, the exact reason it barely goes in reverse deals with current, which is being supplied to its motor. It is recommended to check & record the voltage whenever under load. If your golf cart charges & just runs a shorter distance then, the batteries have to be replaced.

EZGO golf cart engine overheats

Hi Folks,

I need help on urgent basis regarding an issue, which my EZGO golf cart is having nowadays. Actually, the engine of the golf cart overheats like after five to ten minutes. I have tried to fix it but no success. Please give your kind suggestions

Thank You


Hi, Rita I am going to share the possible reasons of your mentioned problem along with the solutions below. Do consider it:

  • Firstly, there is a possibility of debris in the cooling fins & blower fan accommodation. If it is so, do clean it
  • Secondly, if you notice that cooling fins and blower fan housing are damaged then, try to repair or even replace them
  • Moreover, sometimes the muffler is blocked. In this case, replace or repair it

I hope that this information will help you

EZGO electric golf cart battery issue

Hello Everyone,

I have a five years old EZGO electric golf cart. From last few days, I am noticing that the batteries of the cart suddenly stopped working & sometimes lose charge just after ten minutes. Someone, please guide me so that I can solve this problem accordingly.

Thanks a lot


Hi Charles,

I would like to share that the batteries of the electric golf cart have to be charged regularly. Apart from this, do add the required water on a regular basis. If you have a secondhand golf cart, then you should know the age of these batteries. You might not have to replace the battery for a long time, however the older an EZGO golf cart is, the more vulnerable it may become to corrosion. If you do not use the golf cart for a long time, then I would advise following the storage guidelines, especially for winters as it would help prevent deterioration.

EZGO golf cart backfiring

Hi All,

I have suspected that my EZGO golf cart is backfiring. What should I do to rectify this annoying problem?



Hi James,

Backfiring is a sign of other problems that have to be addressed immediately. The backfiring that comes about in the exhaust is caused by the accumulation of the unburned fuel mainly in an exhaust system. You have to adjust the fuel/air ratio for rectifying this issue. Moreover, the defective intake valves, ignition timing which is out of tuning and buildup of excessive fuel cause a backfiring in an intake manifold. If you have an issue with overflowing then, it is better to check for fuel accumulation in an intake manifold. Afterward, try testing & regulating the timing.