EZGO Golf Cart has a Faulty Solenoid


I think my solenoid is faulty in my ezgo cart.  What do I need to check and replace?


Hi Shirley,

Your solenoid contains 4 terminals where 2 are smaller than the other 2.  The battery is connected to the smaller terminals.  A common fault on a solenoid is when the 2 larger terminals fail.  To cheekily this follow these instructions:

  1. Disconnect the cabling from he 2 larger terminals of your solenoid,
  2. With your cart in neutral and key “OFF” position your multimeter probe on each of the two large terminals.  Switch your multimeter to resistance (ohms).  You should get no reading (I.E. no continuity)
  3. Put the direction switch to “forward position” and turn the key to “ON.”  Apply acceleration to the accelerate foot pedal.  Listen for a “click” from the microswitch within the solenoid.
  4. If you do hear a “click.” Place each multimeter lead back onto the larger terminals.  You should read 0-0.4 ohms.  If it is higher then your solenoid requires replacement.
  5. If you don’t hear a “click.” Set your multimeter to DC Volts (200Volts scale) and place a lead on each of the small terminals. Accelerate the cart with the accelerator pedal. If the multimeter should your full battery power then you have a faulty coil within the solenoid.  If your multimeter reads less than full battery power then you have a problem with your speed controller.

Check out a troubleshooting charts.



Problems Starting My Gas EZGO Cart


I have a gas power EZ GO golf cart.  I have changed fuel filters, air filters, pumps and spark plugs.  I start the engine and it just cranks over for 15-20 seconds.  It will fire initially but then backfire into the carburetor, any thoughts?



Hi Peter,

You can try a couple of ideas:

Service your carburetor:

Give your carburetor a good clean and service the parts.

Adjust your valves:

Adjust your valves to ensure they are sealing and have good timing with the engine.

Hope that helps.








Need Help fixing My Ez Go Speed Controller


My Ez Go golf cart is not running at a smooth and constant speed.  I think the problem is with the speed controller.  I have checked everything else!  Can someone help?


Hi Alf,

To troubleshoot your EZGO cart speed controller carry out the following:

  1. Under the drivers seat if your vehicle has one, flip the cart to maintenance mode,
  2. Ensure your batteries are connected,
  3. Check all your battery to motor wiring looking for damage, kinks, loose ends etc,
  4. Note and check the voltage on your batteries,
  5. Check the solenoid.  Using your multimeter put the +ve lead on the solenoid end closest to your battery.  The reading should be the same as your voltage reading taken in 4. above,
  6. Take the voltage reading at the other end of the solenoid with your +ve multimeter lead.  This reading is supposes to be 3 volts less than the battery reading.  If the reading is the same as the battery then your solenoid needs replacing.  If it is significantly less, then you need to replace the resistor,
  7. Connect the -ve multimeter lead to your controller’s “M” terminal and +ve multimeter lead to your controller’s “B+” terminal.  Accelerate the cart, you should see the voltage increase from 0 Volts to the full battery voltage noted at 4. above.  If you see no voltage then the controller requires replacement.

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EZGO Electric Golf Cart Won’t Run

My EZGO golf cart won’t start.  It is an electric cart and I have replaced the flat batteries.  The motor and solenoid are working! Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Doug


Hi Doug,

You can check these items out:

  1. The solenoid should close when you depress the brake pedal,
  2. The microswitch at the brake pedal should click and activate,
  3. Check the battery charger connection.  Using a multimeter check to see if you read 36Volts
  4. Check the controller
  5. Check the cables to the motor

For more help look at our troubleshooting repair and service guides here: