EZGO Serial Number Guide

Identifying the Manufacturer’s Code and Serial Number of your Vehicle

Before 1976, the vehicle’s serial number was placed under the seat of the driver, on the skirt, of the fender however it is still difficult for you to work out the manufacturing year exactly with this number. After 1976, and upto the year 1993, the serial number used to be placed beneath the side dash board of the passenger. To determine the manufacturing year of these carts, you can check the manufacture’s code specified in no definite order. Some of the actual cart examples include: 79J01-188254, 78O516-155671 and 79A12-161603.

Since 1994 and till date, the manufacturer’s code is placed on the plate inside the glove box on the passenger side. The Manufacturer’s Code display starts with a letter and the last 2 digits are the year. An example is: J0196 is a 1996.

Useful Hints to Locate the Vehicle:

In the year 1954, the first car came out. In the year 1980, the supports of this car were changed from round to square and the top size was increased from 48 inches to 54 inches. Also the X leg top was terminated.

EZGO Spirit, a 2 seater, was manufactured in the year 1986, wrapped around the front bumper and windshield, accompanied with the recessed tail and head lights.

EZGO Liberty was manufactured firstly in the year 1986. The design was quite similar to the the Spirit, however it was a 4 seater.

EZGO Fleet was manufactured firstly in the year 1986. The design was quite similar to the standard golf course model.

EZGO Freedom, having lights was manufactured firstly in the year 1988.

From the year 1988 to the mid 1994, the carts hold two different seat backs, having no hand hold on its top. This was the Marathon Model with the metallic body and a plastic front bumper.

From the year 1994 to the year 1999, the Medalist model with steel body, holds a seat back.

From 1996 to the modern ones, the plastic body carts also known as the TXT Model, having the single seat back were manufactured.

Some Extra hints to Locate the traditional gas carts:

From the year 1971 to the year 1975, EZGO employed a 175cc 17-CES 1PG Robin engine having 4 head bolts. Having an internal starter generator, the engine was painted in blue. In the year 1976, the model EC25-DS 244c Robin engine came out. This black painted engine having 6 head bolts was manufactured by made by Fugi Heavy Industries.

In the year 1980-1/2, an external generator/ starter by Hitachi brand was manufactured with some changes to the clutch and engine. The EC25-2PG engine model was brought into use until the year 1988. However, in 1981 the electronic ignition was evolved. There was just a single model manufactured in the year 1983. Here we got a unique engine with muffler lied down. However, in the year 1984, the stand back muffler again came into use!