Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) General

The engine deliveres power transmission to the rear axle via the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).  The CVT system contains two matched clutches connected with a adjoining drive belt.  The centrifugal drive clutch is mounted to the engine and responds to engine RPM, whereas the reach axle contains a driven clutch.  The driven clutch load senses.

Continuously Variable Transmission System

CVT Components

Drive Clutch Removal

  • Take off the drive belt,
  • Take off the starter motor belt,
  • Take off the clutch bolt, lock washer and pilot washer,
  • Fit a greased clutch puller and torque clockwise using an impact wrench,
  • Remove the drive clutch from the engine.

Drive Clutch Installation

  • Clean the engine crankshaft and drive clutch,
  • Fit the clutch onto the engine crankshaft and turn the clutch whilst lightly forcing the moveable sheave in and out a few times.  This allows the clutch to seat on the taper crankshaft,
  • Refit the lock washer and the pilot washer to the clutch bolt,
  • Apply Loctite or similar to the treads of the clutch bolt and torque to 40-44ft. lbs. (54-60Nm),

Driven Clutch Removal

  • Take off the the drive belt,
  • Take off the clutch bolt, lock washer and pilot washer,
  • Remove the clutch from the rear axle input shaft.

Driven Clutch Repair

Minor repairs may be required to the driven clutch when inspected:

  • Take off the retaining ring and torque ramp,
  • Take off the spring sheave,
  • Check the shaft and bushings for signs of wear or damage,
  • IF the wear is causing vibration, then the clutch requires replacing,

Torque Ramp Buttons

  • Check for debris or dirt and remove,
  • Take off the ramp button by taking out the screw.  Replace as necessary.

Driven Clutch Assembly

  • Refit the moveable sheave to the fixed sheave and fit the spring into the pilot hole of the moveable sheave.
  • Fit the opposite end of the spring in the torque ramp and turn the ramp counterclockwise 140 degrees prior to engaging the splines and fitting the retaining ring.

Driven Clutch Installation

  • Use WD-40 or equivalent on the rear axle input shaft and fit the clutch to the shaft,
  • Reinstate the lock washer and pilot washer to the clutch bolt and use Loctite or similar to the clutch bolt thread,
  • Torque the bolt to 14-17 ft. lbs. (19-23 Nm).

Removing the Drive Belt

  • Disconnect and take off the drive belt by forcing the belt upwards.  This will allow the clutch sheaves to open and slacken the belt,
  • Roll the belt off the driven clutch.

Drive Belt Removal