Medalist Freedom Electric

Accelerator Linkage

1_1994-1995 Electric Accelerator Linkage

1_1994-1995 Electric Accelerator Linkage_2

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Pedal box assembly25870-G03includes items 3-32, 34, 36-401
2Pedal box assembly, DCS model only25870-G05includes items 3-29, 32-401
3Nut, lock 00550-G21/4 - 281
4Nut, lock 00532-G45/16 - 241
5Screw00684-G6#8 - 32 x 3/4 LG4
6Screw00982-G01#4 - 14 x 5/8 LG2
8Nut, self threading 00983-G012
9Screw00984-G01#8 - 10 x 1/2 LG4
10Setscrew00486-G2#8 - 32 x 1/8 LG1
11Pushnut00986-G0119/64 I.D.1
12Yoke, clevis 10385-G4adjustable1
13Pin, clevis 10386-G35/16 x 15/16 LG1
15Pin, cotter 10387-G33/32 x 3/4 LG1
16Retainer, spring 17677-G11
17Retainer, spring 17677-G21
19Bushing, accelerator rod 17979-G11
20Accelerator pedal assembly25799-G01includes items 22 -241
22Rivet, oval 16409-G13/8 x 15/32 LG6
23Pad, accelerator pedal 27512-G011
24Pedal, accelerator *1
26Pedal box and cover25853-G01Seal and bearing1
28Inductive throttle sensor25854-G011
29Accelerator rod25859-G011
30Switch, micro 25861-G011
31Wiring harness, pedal box assembly25879-G031
33Switch, micro 25861-G02DCS model only1
34Cam, plunger26969-G011
35Wiring harness, pedal box assembly25879-G04DCS model only1
36Bracket, pedal70116-G011
37Pin, pedal pivot 70134-G011
38Washer, teflon17255-G11/32 x 5/81
39Spring, compression 73046-G011
42Bolt00715-G25/16 - 18 x 5/8 LG4
43Cover, pedal pivot 70135-G011

Battery Charger, Total Charge III

3_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Total Charge III

3_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Total Charge III_2

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Battery charger assembly, total charge III, portable 36V, 10FT. DC cord26984-G01includes items 3-951
3Top cover19096-G11
6Label, operating instructions*serialized1
8Capacitor17077-G1with mounting bracket1
10Screw00372-G4#8 - 32 x 1/2 LG2
11Washer, lock 00565-G4#82
12Nut00526-G1#8 - 322
15Diode, silicon rectifier 18488-G12
16Washer, lock 00567-G71/42
17Nut00532-G21/4 - 282
18Nut, plastic expansion 11572-G23
19Nut00525-G5#6 - 322
20Screw00138-G3#6 - 32 x 3/8 LG2
23Washer, lock 00567-G3#62
24Nut00525-G5#6 - 322
26Screw, self drill and top 00512-G7#8 x 7/8 LG3
27Screw00378-G4#10 - 24 x 1/2 LG1
28Nut00526-G3#10 - 241
29Washer, lock 00565-G5#101
30Washer00565-G3#6 - 322
31Varistor, mov 26320-G012
32Terminal block26962-011
33Screw00987-G06#6 - 32 x 3/4 LG2
34Ammeter24243-G1includes item 351
35Bracket, ammeter*1
36Nut00525-G5#6 - 322
37Washer, lock 00565-G5#102
38Nut00526-G4#10 - 322
42Screw00372-G3#8 - 32 x 3/8 LG1
43Washer, lock 00565-G4#81
44Nut00526-G1#8 - 321
47Nut, lock 11027-G21/4 - 204
48Bolt00414-G51/4 - 20 x 5/8 LG4
49AC cord19388-G11
50Strain relief, plastic13557-G2AC cord1
53DC cord assembly18747-G1includes items 54 - 561
54Dc cord*1
55Connector, contact kit 28030-G012
57Charger receptacle handle kit18972-G1includes items 58, 591
58Handle, half, L.H.*1
59Handle, Half, R.H.*1
61Screw, stainless steel 00647-G8#6 - 32 x 29/32 LG2
62Screw, stainless steel 00647-G3#6 - 32 x 3/8 LG2
63Nut,lock 13521-G5#6 - 324
65Label caution20628-G11
66Strain relief, plastic13557-G3DC cord1
69Screw, self drill and top 00614-G4#8 - 18 x 1/2 LG10
70Electronic module assembly19950-G1includes items 71 - 791
74Spacer, suppot27877-G014
82Splice, wire, closed end 19360-G12
83Fuse block19363-G11
84Fuse, 15 AMP19361-G11
85Label, identification 19434-G11
87Circuit breaker, 50 AMP19362-G1includes items 88, 892
89Nut00526-G4#10 - 322
90Washer, lock 00565-G4#82
91Nut00526-G1#8 - 322
92Screw00372-G6#8 -32 x 3/4 LG2
93Screw00372-G5#8 -32 x 5/8 LG2
95Nut00526-G1#8 - 322

Battery Charger, Powerwise

4_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise

4_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise_2

4_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise_3

4_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise_4

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Charger assembly28115-G01complete, includes items 2-581
2Screw00372-G3#8 - 32 x 3/8 LG1
3Screw00372-G4#8 - 32 x 1/2 LG4
5Screw00378-G4#10 - 24 x 1/2 LG2
6Screw00414-G51/4 - 20 x 5/8 LG3
7Screw00513-G6#8 - 18 x 1 3/4 LG2
8Nut00526-G1#8 - 325
10Nut00526-G3#10 - 242
11Nut*#10 - 323
17Washer, lock 00565-G4#85
18Washer, lock 00565-G5#104
20Screw00614-G4#8 - 18 x 1/2 LG6
21Washer, nylon, special 00771-G61
22Screw00969-G01#8 - 32 x 3/8 LG3
23Screw00984-G01#8 - 10 x 1/2 LG2
25Washer, brass*#104
26Screw01005-G01#6 - 19 x 5/16 LG3
27Nut, lock 11027-G21/4 - 203
28Nut, plastic expansion 11572-G32
29Strain relief, AC13557-G21
30Strain relief, DC13557-G31
32Cord, AC19388-G41
33Washer, shoulder22589-G21
36Bracket, capacitor 26979-G011
37Support, spacer27877-G014
38Label, front 28091-G011
44Heat sink28104-G011
46Fuse, 50 AMP28106-G011
49Clip, electrical 28110-G011
50Support, control board28111-G013
53Board, control 28126-G011
54Board, power input 28126-G031
55Top level, ventilation 28136-G011
56Top level, cord condition 28136-G021
57Clamp, nylon 17618-G12
58DC plug28137-G**complete1

Battery Charger, Powerwise +

5_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise +

5_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise +_2

5_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise +_3

5_1994-1995 Electric Battery Charger, Powerwise +_4

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Charger assembly28115-G02complete, includes items 2-581
2Screw00372-G3#8 - 32 x 3/8 LG1
3Screw00372-G4#8 - 32 x 1/2 LG4
5Screw00378-G4#10 - 24 x 1/2 LG2
6Screw00414-G51/4 - 20 x 5/8 LG3
7Screw00513-G6#8 - 18 x 1 3/4 LG2
8Nut00526-G1#8 - 325
10Nut00526-G3#10 - 242
11Nut00528-G4#10 - 323
17Washer, lock 00565-G4#85
18Washer, lock 00565-G5#104
20Screw00614-G4#8 - 18 x 1/2 LG6
21Washer, nylon, special 00771-G61
22Screw00969-G01#8 - 32 x 3/8 LG3
23Screw00984-G01#8 - 10 x 1/2 LG2
25Washer, brass01003-G01#104
26Screw01005-G01#6 - 19 x 5/16 LG3
27Nut, lock 11027-G21/4 - 203
28Nut, plastic expansion 11572-G32
29Strain relief13557-G2AC1
30Strain relief13557-G3DC1
32Cord, AC19388-G41
33Washer, shoulder22589-G21
36Bracket, capacitor 26979-G011
37Support, spacer27877-G014
38Label, front 28091-G021
44Heat sink28104-G011
46Fuse28106-G0150 AMP1
49Clip, electrical 28110-G011
50Support, control, board 28111-G013
53Board, control 28126-G021
54Board, power input 28126-G041
55Top label, ventilation 28136-G011
56Top label, cord condition 28136-G021
57Clamp, nylon 17618-G12
58DC plug28137-G**complete1

Body and Associated Parts

6_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Body and Associated Parts

6_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Body and Associated Parts_2

6_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Body and Associated Parts_3

6_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Body and Associated Parts_4

6_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Body and Associated Parts_5

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Instrument panel assembly71151-G01includes items 2-51
2Ball deflector71153-G01Passenger side1
3Ball deflector71154-G01Driver's side1
5Screw00614-G5#8 - 18 x 5/8 LG6
8Cowl cap71030-G011
9Bracket, cowl support 71101-G011
10Nameplate, E-Z-GO19817-G11
14Cowl, front 71071-G011
15Tab, retaining71076-G012
17Fender flange71036-G01Driver's side1
18Fender flange71035-G01Passenger side1
19Rivet, stainless steel10570-G105/32 x 1/2 LG2
20Rivet14601-G105/32 x 7/16 LG16
21Rivet10570-G105/32 x 9/16 LG2
23Bolt71102-G021/4 - 20 x 1/2 LG4
24Washer15121-G31 1/4 O.D. X 7/32 I.D.2
26Panel, splash, front cowl 71117-G011
27Bolt71056-G015/16 - 18 x 5/8 LG4
29Ratchet fastener16816-G24
30Trim, vinyl71115-G012
31Label, safety 27826-G01Gasoline vehicle1
32Label, safety 27647-G01Electric vehicle1
33Rivet14601-G135/32 x 9/16 LG2
34Rivet14601-G113/16 x 9/16 LG10
36Upper floorpan70047-G011
37Lower floorpan70132-G011
38Cover, switch access70164-G011
40Rivet14601-G113/16 x 9/16 LG7
41Noise suppressor strip18391-G12
42Noise suppressor, trunk lid 72113-G011
43Noise suppressor, bagwell22744-G11
44Noise suppressor, seat wrap72112-G01Gasoline vehicle1
48Plug hole, bumper 20271-G22
49Clamp73053-G01DCS model only3
50Rivet, stainless steel10570-G105/32 x 9/16 LG8
51Washer00559-G4#8 (DCS model only)3
52Rivet18436-G11/4 x 5/8 LG4
54Fender liner71551-G04Passenger side1
55Fender liner71552-G04Driver's side1
56Ratchet fastener16816-G212
57Rivet71055-G013/16 x 3/8 LG4
58Fender liner71552-G02Driver's side (Freedom)1
59Fender liner71551-G02Passenger side (Freedom)1
60Rivet, stainless steel10570-G113/16 x 11/16 LG4
61Plate, seat hinge 71616-G01Vehicles prior to serial no.8957132
62Plate, seat hinge 71609-G01Vehicles after serial no.8957132
63Access panel71353-G011
64Screw71002-G01#8 x 1/2 LG6
65Filler panel71347-G01Passenger side1
66Filler panel71348-G01Driver side1
68Rivet10570-G121/4 x 1/2 LG4
69Speed nut71003-G01#84
70Rivet14601-G135/32 x 9/16 LG2
71Ratchet fastener16816-G22
72Rivet14601-G105/32 x 7/16 LG8
73Seatwrap scuffguard71377-G011
75Access panel, scuffguard75017-G011
78Fender71341-G**Passenger side1
79Fender pocket71345-G01Passenger side1
80Fender cap71355-G01Passenger side1
82Scuff guard71373-G02Passenger side1
83Fender71342-G**Driver's side1
84Fender pocket71346-G01Driver's side1
85Fender cap74354-G02Passenger side (Freedom)1
86Fender cap71356-G01Driver's side1
87Scuff guard71373-G01Driver's side1
88Fender cap74354-G01Driver's side (Freedom)1
89Screw00228-G4#10 - 24 x 1/2 LG3
91Rivet14601-G105/32 x 7/16 LG5
92Ratchet fastener16816-G24
94Speed nut71003-G03#84
95Screw71004-G01#8 x 3/8 LG4
96Nut, lock 11027-G310 - 243
98Battery tray70245-G01Gasoline vehicle1
99Bolt00715-G25/16 - 18 x 13/16 LG4
101Decal, freedom 23676-G1AR
102Decal, freedom HP 27504-G01AR
103Decal, 4 caddy 75178-G01AR
104Decal, DCS73162-G01AR
106Floormat70048-G02Freedom only1
108Sill plate, rocker panel 23850-G1Passenger side1
109Sill plate, rocker panel 23850-G2Driver's side1
111Screw, stainless steel16705-G11/4 - 20 x 1 LG4
113Nut, lock 00891-G21/4 - 204
114Rocker panel71501-G01Passenger side1
115Rocker panel71502-G01Driver's side1
118Seatwrap71379-G**DCS model only1
120Seat frame70317-G01Gasoline vehicle1
121Screw70200-G013/8 - 16 x 1/4 LG2
123Seat frame70318-G01Electric vehicle1
124Battery pack70046-G01Electric vehicle1
127Bolt00715-G25/16 - 18 x 13/16 LG5
128Screw00438-G65/16 - 18 x 3/4 LG2
129Nut, lock 11098-G65/16 - 182
136Nut, lock 11027-G015/16 - 182
139Panel, splash 70244-G02Electric vehicle2
140Panel, splash 70244-G01Gasoline vehicle1
141Insert, 4 cup instrument panel 71158-G011
151Frame support, vertical 74126-G01Passenger side1
152Frame support, vertical 74126-G02Driver's side1
153Bolt00426-G83/8 - 16 x 1 LG2
155Nut, lock 11098-G53/8 - 164
156Bolt00427-G43/8 - 16 x 1 1/2 LG2
157Panel, valance74127-G011
159Rivet, plastic16816-G26
160Plug, end 19853-G12
161Foot rest assembly74105-G01includes items 162- 1641
163Label, warning 74132-G011
164Mat, floor 74107-G011
166Bolt, carraige 00769-G23/8 - 16 x 1 1/4 LG2
168Nut, lock 11098-G53/8 - 162
170Screw00114-G61/4 - 14 x 3/4 LG4
173Front shield27166-G021
174Brace, front shield 71015-G012

Brake Linkage

7_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Brake Linkage

7_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Brake Linkage_2

7_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Brake Linkage_3

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Brake pedal assembly70263-G01includes items 2-27, vehicles with brake lights 1
2Pedal, brake *1
3Pedal, park brake *1
4Brake/park brake pedal pad kit70274-G01includes items 5-71
5Pad, brake pedal *1
6Pad, park brake *1
7Rivet15766-G13/8 x 15/32 LG9
9Plate, brake pedal *1
10Pin, park brake pedal 15932-G21
11Spring, torsion, park brake 11737-G12
13Screw00737-G8#10 - 24 x 1 LG4
14Nut, rubber 00739-G1#10 - 242
15Standoff, brake pedal 22362-G32
16Spring, conical 27137-G012
17Nut, lock 11098-G7#10 - 242
18Switch, micro 10606-G81
19Screw00645-G2#6 - 32 x 1 1/4 LG2
21Washer, lock 00565-G3#62
22Nut00525-G5#6 - 322
23Screw, brass*2
24Washer, lock 00567-G3#66
25Tab, faston 14628-G15/16 x 5/16 LG2
27Nylon clamp17618-G13
30Bolt, shoulder70096-G013/8 - 16 x 3 LG1
31Bushing, flanged11079-G12
32Spring, torsion 70138-G011
33Nut11098-G53/8 - 161
35Nut, lock 11027-G21/4 - 202
36Catch bracket, park brake 70080-G011
37Bolt00414-G61/4 - 20 x 3/4 LG2
40Compensator assembly70272-G04includes items 42 - 541
42Rod, link 25882-G041
43Nut00532-G45/16 - 242
44Nut, lock 11098-G95/16 - 241
46Yoke, brake 27330-G011
49Spring, compression 23463-G11
51Bushing, accelerator rod 17979-G11
54Nut, spherical 00963-G015/16 - 241
55Equalizer and brake cable assembly70273-G03includes items 56 - 591
56Bracket, equalizer28082-G011
57Cable, brake, passenger side *1
58Cable, brake, driver's side *1
59Bumper, brake compensator 28083-G012
61Ring, retaining12305-G14
63Bearing, flanged10097-G62
64Cam, kick-off 25103-G11
67Set screw00491-G41/4 - 20 x 1/2 LG2
72Nut, lock 11027-G15/16/20181
73Adjustable bumper70113-G011
74Pin, clevis 10386-G35/16 x 15/16 LG3
75Pin, cotter10387-G33/32 x 3/4 LG5
76Nylon clamp12416-G12
77Brake pedal assembly70264-G01includes items 78 - 88, vehicles without brake lights 1
78Spring, torsion park brake 11737-G12
81Pin, park brake 15932-G21
82Brake pedal70259-G011
84Brake/park brake pedal pad kit70274-G01Includes items 85 - 871
85Pad, brake pedal *1
86Pad, park brake pedal *1
87RIvet16409-G13/8 x 15/32 LG9
88Park brake pedal70254-G011
89Pivot, kick off cam 70098-G011
91Pin, cotter 10387-G33/32 x 3/4 LG2
93Washer, teflon 20835-G12
96Link, park brake kick-off 70097-G011

Direction selector – A

10_1994-1995 Electric Direction selector - A

10_1994-1995 Electric Direction selector - A_2

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Direction selector assembly73036-G01includes items 2-461
2Screw00138-G4#6 - 32 x 1/2 LG3
3Screw00139-G8#6 - 32 x 2 LG4
4Bolt00414-G81/4 - 20 x 1 LG2
6Nut00525-G5#6 - 328
7Nut00532-G11/4 - 202
13Washer, lock 00565-G3#68
14Washer, lock 00565-G71/42
17Washer, lock 00567-G3#64
19Switch limit, MS2 AND MS410606-G22
22Nut, lock 11098-G95/16 - 241
28Nut, lock 14390-G13/8 - 242
29Tab, faston14628-G15/16 - 5/164
31Contact board assembly14651-G1includes items 32 - 341
33Washer, lock 00565-G71/42
34Bolt00414-G61/4 - 20 x 3/4 LG2
36Bracket, mounting support 15461-G11
37Ball, ball joint 15944-G31
40Bracket, cover73048-G011
42Arm, shift linkage70232-G011
44Shaft, direction selector 73027-G011
45Bracket, direction selector mounting73031-G011
46Buzzer, reverse warning 73037-G011
48Bolt00438-G85/16 - 18 x 3/4 LG2
49Nut, lock 11098-G95/16 - 242
50Socket, ball joint 14444-G32
52Nut00544-G45/16 - 242
53Rod, linkage 10697-G81
54Stud, joint ball 15944-G31
55Arm, shift linkage70232-G021
58Nut, lock 14390-G13/8 - 241
59Shaft, direction selector 70233-G011
61Handle, direction selector 71905-G011
62Screw, stainless steel 00740-G4#10 - 32 x 1/2 LG1
65Washer, fender, stainless steel 16469-G71
66Cover, direction selector 73049-G011
67Screw00114-G61/4 - 14 x 3/4 LG1
69Rivet14601-G165/32 (items 69 - 86 for use on DCS model only)2
71Bracket, buzzer32043-G21
72Washer, lock 00565-G3#62
73Nut00525-G5#6 - 322
74Screw00138-G4#6 - 32 x 1/2 LG2
76Label, direction selector 73127-G011
78Adapter, seat wrap 73134-G011
79Adapter, direction selector switch 73133-G011
80Clamp, nylon 31539-G11
81Clamp, nylon 17618-G12
83Boot, rubber 73130-G011
84Knob, direction selector 73128-G01includes items 85 - 861
85Knob, direction selector 73128-G021
86Block, contact switch 73128-G031

Direction selector – B

11_1994-1995 Electric Direction selector - B

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Receptacle holder18724-G11
2Screw00645-G2#6 - 32 x 1 1/4 LG2
4Nut, lock 14390-G9#6 - 322
6Nut00702-G25/16 - 2412
10Washer, lock 00567-G85/168
11Nut00532-G35/16 - 188
13Clamp, twisted27327-G012
14Rivet, stainless steel 10570-G115/161
16Harness, key switch 73145-G01DCS model only1
17Harness, key switch 73041-G01Fleet1
18Washer, lock 00568-G63/41
19Key, ignition 17062-G1SetAR
20Nut, face17137-G11
22Clamp, nylon17618-G11
23Igniton switch kit, includes all mounting hardware 17421-G1For freedom see section S - horn and lighting1
24Rivet, drive 33623-G022
25Decal, console insert plate 71145-G011
26Plate, console insert73030-G01Key only1
27Retainer, battery 70045-G011
28Battery rack70046-G011
29Nut, lock 11027-G15/16 - 182
30Battery, 6 volt XXXXX-G**6
32Bolt, hold down 70121-G012
33Clamp, nylon 17618-G11
34Wire harness, brake 24605-G11
35Wire harness, standard charger receptacle 73063-G01Complete1
36Wire harness, charger receptacle 73149-G01Items 36 - 38 are for use on DCS model only1
38Clamp, nylon 17618-G13
39Wire25972-G32BL- TO B-1

Front Suspension

18_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Front Suspension

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Front axle70001-G011
2Bushing, rubber shock absorber 10194-G18
3Washer, shock absorber 10435-G18
4Nut00532-G63/8 - 244
5Bolt00463-G67/16 - 14 x 1 3/4 LG6
6Nut, lock 00734-G17/16 - 1412
8Plate, spring 70163-G024
9Pin, cotter10387-G23/32 x1 LG2
11Spindle assembly, driver's side 70220-G01includes items 12 -251
12Spindle, driver's side *1
14Grease fitting18456-G11
15Hub, wheel 19058-G21
17Wheel bolt19862-G11/2 - 204
18Bearing and race assembly50892-G1Complete1
21Seal, grease25146-G11
23Nut,slotted 12093-G117/321
25Pin, cotter00798-G85/32 x 1 3/4 LG1
26Spindle assembly, passenger side 70220-G02includes items 13-25 and 271
27Spindle, passenger side *1
29Pin, spindle 70327-G011/2 - 13 x 5 1/2 LG2
30Washer, thrust 16982-G12
31Tube, spindle pin 70328-G012
35Nut, lock 14390-G61/2 - 132
36Spring, leaf70049-G012
38Bolt00463-G47/16 - 14 x 1 1/2 LG6
39Shock absorber70324-G012
40Cap, spindle 12091-G12
41Nut, lug 14723-G11/2 - 208

Horn and Lighting

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting_2

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting_3

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting_4

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting_5

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting_6

20_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Horn and Lighting_7

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Fuse block22674-G11
2Rivet71010-G015/32 x 3/8 LG2
3Fuse, 15 AMP18392-G13
4Tape, vinyl19344-G1AR
5Cover, steering column 20965-G3Vehicles with turn signals1
6Cap and nut, horn switch 17318-G21
7Horn32860-G1With mounting hardware1
11Switch, horn 17318-G11
12Boot, horn switch 27068-G011
13Plate, horn switch 19233-G11
14Rivet, stainless steel14601-G79/162
15Clamp, nylon 17618-G12
17Turn signal17867-G1with mounting hardware1
18Flasher, turn signal 21640-G11
19Screw00414-G61/4 - 20 x 3/4 LG2
20Nut, lock 11027-G21/4 - 202
22Bracket, lightbar, driver's side 74002-G021
23Bracket, lightbar, passenger side 74002-G011
24Screw00114-G61/4 - 14 x 3/4 LG8
26Fuel gauge21553-G1complete with hardware1
33Hour meter33633-G011
34State of charge meter33636-G011
38Bezel, taillight, driver's side 74358-G011
39Bezel, taillight, passenger side 74358-G021
40Taillight assembly, complete22288-G11
41Rivet14601-G113/16 x 5/8 LG2
42Bulb, replacement, taillight 21759-G1AR
43Low oil / fuel light indicator23474-G11
44Harness, accessory 73043-G01Electric1
45Harness, accessory 72228-G01Gas1
47Washer, lock 00568-G63/41
48Key, ignition 17063-G12
49Nut, face17137-G11
50Nut, lock 00891-G21/4 - 201
51Bolt00414-G51/4 - 20 x 5/8 LG1
53Switch, ignition 18602-G11
54Switch, ignition 33639-G01with lights1
57Bulb, replacement, headlight 74004-G01AR
58Bulb, replacement, marker light 74005-G01AR
59Bulb, replacement, turnlight 74006-G01AR
64Plate, console insert, state of charge meter73030-G021
65Decal, console plate, state of charge meter71123-G011
66Decal, console plate,state of charge meter with lights 71129-G011
69Plate, console insert, low fuel / oil lights 73030-G031
70Decal, console plate, low fuel / oil lights 71125-G011
72Plate, console insert, fuel gauge73030-G041
73Decal, console plate, fuel gauge71127-G011
74Decal, console plate, fuel gauge with lights 71131-G011


21_1994-1995 Electric Motors

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Motor, complete 73124-G01DCS model only1
2Motor, 2.0 HP, complete27045-G01includes items 6 - 251
4Motor, 2.7 HP, complete73172-G01includes items 6 - 251
6End shield27630-G011
8Stator complete*includes items 10 and 171
10Stator shell and winding*1
12Brush27630-G05with term screw2
13Nut27630-G061/4 - 204
15Bushing, insulated27630-G082
17Brush, rigging 27630-G091
18Screw, brush holder27630-G102
19Bushing, insulated27630-G112
20Retainer, bearing27630-G121
21Ball bearing27630-G131
23End shield27630-G141
24Screw, clamp27630-G154
25Screw, bearing retainer27630-G162

Rear Axle

22_1994-1995 Electric Rear Axle

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
2Moly, lube, 2 OZ28095-G01AR
6Washer, lock 00565-G71/43
7Bolt00797-G21/4 - 20 x 1 1/4 LG3
9Rear axle assembly73069-G01includes items 10 - 211
10Bumper spline24261-G11
13Plug, fill/check25226-G11
14Vent assembly73050-G01Push in1
16Bracket,brake cable, passenger side 72036-G011
17Bracket, brake cable, driver's side 72036-G021
18Cover, differential 25228-G11
19Axle shaft, passenger side 20377-G121
20Axle shaft, driver's side 20377-G111
21screw15558-G15/16 - 18 x 3/4 LG10

Rear Suspension

24_1994-1995 Electric Rear Suspension

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Spring, leaf70247-G012
2Spring, leaf74135-G01Use on 4 caddy only2
3"U" bolt 72029-G013/8 - 164
4"U" bolt 74124-G013/8 - 16 (use on 4 caddy only)4
6Nut, lock 11098-G53/8 - 1612
7Bushing, rubber 70291-G01leaf spring12
8Shackle plate70290-G014
12Screw00429-G23/8 - 16 x 3 1/4 LG4
14Nut11098-G53/8 - 162
15Bolt, shoulder14158-G17/16 - 14 x 3 1/4 LG2
17Shock absorber70324-G012
19Bushing, rubber, shock absorber10194-G18
20Washer, shock absorber 10435-G18
22Nut00532-G63/8 - 244

Seating and Bagrack

26_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Seating and Bagrack

26_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Seating and Bagrack_2

26_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Seating and Bagrack_3

26_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Seating and Bagrack_4

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Seat bottom assembly71611-G**includes items 3-171
3Nut, tee*8
5Bumper, seat17074-G12
8Staple, flat*110
9Staple, flat *46
12Vinyl trim, seat bottom 71012-G011
13Vinyl seat bottom cover71602-G**1
14Foam padding, seat bottom 71603-G021
15Seat bottom, wood 71604-G011
17Rear trim, seat71608-G011
21Bolt00414-G81/4 - 20 x 1 LG4
22Washer, lock 00565-G71/44
23Nut, lock 11027-G21/4 - 202
24Fastener, plastic ratchet 16816-G12
25Seat back assembly71751-G**includes items 26 - 341
26Staple, flat *95
28Plastic, rear cover seat back 71752-G011
29Vinyl seat back cover71753-G**1
30Foam padding, seat back 71754-G011
32Seat back, wood 71755-G011
33Screw71002-G01#8 x 1 LG4
34Nut, tee*4
38Bolt71802-G013/8 - 16 x 2 1/4 LG4
39Bracket, seat support 71803-G022
40Bolt, carriage 71821-G011/4 - 20 x 1 1/2 LG2
41Bracket, bag holder71851-G011
42Strap, bag retainer 71853-G011
43Bag retainer, clamp71856-G012
45Screw00720-G08#12 - 14 x 1 LG4
46Bolt00414-G81/4 - 20 x 1 LG8
49Hip restraint, passenger side 71701-G011
50Hip restraint, driver's side 71702-G011
52Hinge, seat 71615-G01Vehicles prior to serial no.8957132
53Hinge, seat 71610-G01Vehicles after serial no.8957132
55Support, seat back 74111-G012
56Bolt00414-G81/4 - 20 x 1 LG4
57Washer, lock 00565-G71/44
59Bumper, rubber70113-G014
60Nut, lock 11027-G15/16 - 186
61Bolt01006-G013/8 - 16 x 1 1/4 LG4
64Seat assembly74131-G**includes items 65 - 791
65Seat bottom assembly74139-G**includes items 66 - 771
66Vinyl cover, seat bottom 71602-G**1
67Foam, seat bottom 71603-G021
68Wood, seat bottom 74141-G011
69Nut, tee*16
70Trim, seat, front 74140-G011
71Staple, flat *110
72Staple, flat *48
73Hip restraint, driver's side 71702-G011
74Hip restraint, passenger side 71701-G011
75Bolt00414-G81/4 - 20 x 1 LG8
76Trim, seat, rear71608-G011
79Seat back assembly71751-G**includes items 26 - 341
80Bracket, rear seat support 74117-G012
81Bolt00414-G81/4 - 20 x 1 LG12
82Washer, lock 00565-G2#512
84Bushing, nylon 17838-G14
85Pin, hitch 74134-G012

Solid State Speed Control

27_1994-1995 Electric Solid State Speed Control

27_1994-1995 Electric Solid State Speed Control_2

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Electronic speed control assembly73056-G01includes items 2-311
2Washer, lock *#102
3Nut*10 - 322
7Wire harness, charger connector 73042-G011
8Nut*5/16 - 242
10Washer, lock *5/162
11Wire25972-G02SOL- B+1
12Wire25978-G10SOL- B-1
13Nut11027-G21/4 - 202
17Electronic speed controller25864-G021
18Pad, thermal mounting 73190-G011
19Bolt71102-G011/4 - 20 x 3/4 LG5
21Wire tie31539-G11
24Bolt71102-G031/4 - 20 x 1 1/4 LG4
25Wire harness, power 73039-G011
26Wire harness, control 73040-G011
27Bolt00270-G55/16 - 18 x 5/8 LG4
29Nut11027-G15/16 - 184
31Bracket, solenoid 25866-G011
33Bolt71102-G011/4 - 20 x 3/4 LG4


30_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Steering

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Steering box assembly, complete 70314-G011
2Screw00462-G77/16 - 14 x 7/8 LG4
3Steering wheel18325-G1includes item 41
4Hub cover, extension *1
5Washer, lock 00566-G27/164
6Bolt00999-G01#8 - 18 x 7/8 LG2
7Decal, scorecard*AR
8Nut, lock 14390-G25/8 - 181
9Scorecard holder27102-G011
18Tie rod assembly70074-G01includes items 19 - 222
19Nut18434-G29/16 - 182
20Pin, cotter 10387-G23/32 x 1 LG2
21Nut, slotted50209-G17/16 - 202
22Boot, rubber 50641-G12
24Fitting, grease10389-G34
25Nut, slotted50209-G17/16 - 201
33Pin, cotter 10387-G23/32 x 1 LG3
41Steering gear kit70299-G01includes items 42 - 521
42Pinion, gear*1
43Ball bearing*1
45Ring, retaining, external *1
46Rac, steering *1
47Rack ball end*with nut1
48Nut*7/16 - 201
50Grease fitting*902
52Ring, retaining, internal *1
55Bearing, flanged70185-G011
56Washer, thrust 70216-G011 1/2 I.D.1
57Washer, thrust 70195-G017/81
58Nut, lock 00734-G67/8 - 91
59Pin, cotter 00798-G85/32 x 1 3/4 LG1
61Steering shaft14322-G5Prior to serial number 9011441
62Steering column70222-G01Prior to serial number 9011441
66Screw00470-G47/16 - 20 x 2 1/2LG1
67Nut, lock 00734-G37/16 - 201
69Steering shaft/column kit70360-G01Includes items 70-85, serial number 901144 and later1
70Steering shaft14322-G31
71Steering column70333-G011
73Nut, lock 00550-G11/4 - 202
74Screw70227-G011/4 - 20 x 7/8 LG2
76Screw00118-G2#6 - 18 x 1/4 LG1
77Gasket, steering housing 70223-G011
78Bolt00876-G23/8 - 16 x 1 1/4 LG3
80Washer, lock 00878-G13/83
81Ring, retaining, internal 70189-G011
83Bushing/seal kit17161-G1includes items 84, 851
84Bushing, steering column *1
85Seal, shaft*1

Wheel Brake

31_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Wheel Brake

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Brake assembly, passener side 22997-G2includes items 2-8, 14-301
2Backing plate22518-G11
4Lever assembly23357-G1includes items 5-8, 14-161
7Washer, shoulder*1
8Torsion spring, passenger side 23536-G1silver1
9Brake assembly, driver's side 22997-G1includes items 10-301
10Backing plate22519-G11
12Lever assembly23358-G1Includes items 5-7, 13-161
13Torsion spring, driver's side 23537-G1Gold1
14Adjuster body23363-G11
16Thrust washer23362-G11/41
18Dust cover22519-G11
19Anchor block23356-G11
20Washer, lock 00565-G11/42
23Spring, brake adjuster23359-G11
24Spring, brake anchor 17290-G11
25Clamp, shoe 17291-G12
26Pin, shoe clamp tension 17292-G12
28Brake shoe set23364-G1includes items 29, 301
29Brake shoe, trailing 23354-G11
30Brake shoe, leading 23355-G11
33Bolt17083-G25/16 - 24 x 1 LG8
34Nut, lock 15126-G15/16 -248
37Washer, inner wheel rim 15485-G1electric vehicle2
38Washer, inner wheel rim 21809-G1Gasoline vehicle2
39Brake drum21807-G1Gasoline vehicle, with lug bolts 2
40Brake drum19186-G1Electric vehicle, with lug bolts 2
42Washer, outer wheel rim 21830-G1Gasoline vehicle2
43Washer, outer wheel rim 15487-G1Electric vehicle2
44Nut, slotted00518-G83/4 - 16 (Gasoline vehicle)2
45Pin, cotter10387-G11/8 x 1 1/2 LG2
46Nut, slotted15483-G15/8 - 18 (Electric vehicle)2
47Cap, spindle 12091-G12
48Adapter, spindle cap 24939-G2Gasolie vehicle2
49Adapter, spindle cap 24939-G1Electric vehicle2

Wheels and Tires

32_1994-1995 Electric and Gas Wheels and Tires

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
118 x 8.5-8 carlisle tire and wheel assembly, links 27772-G01includes items 2, 11, 12AR
218 x 8.5 - 8 carlisle tire, links 27772-G05AR
318 x 8.5-8 carlisle tire and wheel assembly, turf glide 27772-G02includes items 4, 11, 12AR
418 x 8.5-8 carlisle tire, turf glide 27772-G06AR
718 x 8.5 - 8 carlisle tire and wheel assembly, turf saver 27772-G03includes items 8, 11, 12AR
818 x 8.5 -8 carlisle tire, turf saver27772-G07AR
918 x 8.5-8 carlisle tire and wheel assembly, fairway 27772-G04includes items 10, 11, 12AR
1018 x 8.5-8 carlisle tire, fairway 27772-G08AR
11Wheel rim, 4 lug, standard15169-G1AR
12Valve stem11657-G1AR

Special Tools

Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Battery maintenance kit25587-G01
2Seal installation tool18739-G1Rear axle shaft seal
3Battery set discharger, 36 volt, 75 AMP28251-G01
4Current indicator16489-G1
5Multi-meter, digital 27481-G01
6Crimping tool27765-G01
7Slide hammer15947-G1Axle/hub removal
8Slide hammer18753-G1Axle removal only


Sl. No.Part descriptionPart numberNotesQuantityPurchase
1Sun top kit75040-G01
2Sun top kit75123-G014 caddy vehicle only
3Windshield kit75133-G01Solid, clear and requires sun top kit, 4 caddy vehicles only
4Windshield kit75133-G02Solid, tinted and requires sun top kit, 4 caddy vehicles only
5Windshield kit75041-G032 bend, clear and requires sun top kit
6Windshield kit75041-G042 bend, tinted and requires sun top kit
7Windshield kit75077-G01Split, clear and requires sun top kit
8Windshield kit75077-G02Split, tinted and requires sun top kit
9Divot repair kit23300-G1Requires side basket kit
10Rake holder75006-G01
11Sand rake14735-G1
12Tow bar kit75033-G01casual use
13Tow bar kit75089-G01Permanent use
14Weather enclosure75078-G013 sided
15Weather enclosure75079-G014 sided
16Rear view mirror19528-G2Requires sun top kit
17Message holder kit75094-G01Requires sun top kit
18Hourmeter75114-G02Gasoline vehicle only
19Hourmeter75113-G02Electric vehicle only
20Cooler jug / bracket kit75170-G01
21Bag cover / rain curtain kit75191-G01
22Seat refurbishment spray28166-G01White
23Tow link assembly75165-G01Requires tow bar adapter kit
24Tow bar adapter kit75166-G01Requires tow link assembly